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Feel as free as I do

I think too many people have been programmed to give a fuck what other people think, I’m trying to help deprogram those people. I want everyone to feel as free as I do. read more

We all have something different

I can never understand how you truly feel in your skin so why would I expect anyone else to truly understand me? That’s the beauty of this world, we can’t compare to each other BC we all have something different that’s special. read more

Celebrate your Weirdo

Weirdo is a song that just celebrates what’s weird about you, or not even what’s weird but what other people don’t understand and will never understand. read more

New Music!

I’m so excited to finally be putting out new music after a couple years.. I’ve been working quietly and waiting patiently to share my feelings with my fans and the people of the world through my music. read more